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About us

PARRÓS is a company with over 25 YEARS of experience in CIVIL CONSTRUCTION. Following objectives of constant innovation and specialization, the projects tackled have been principally located in the special foundation field, piles and micropiles. We are specialists in Civil Construction for the railway infrastructure, having constructed the 80% of FOUNDATIONS FOR THE OVERHEAD POWER LINES of the whole Spanish high speed rail network (AVE).

Innovating our service, we have adapted our machinery using our own technology to operate in a versatile and efficient way, operating on railway tracks of conventional and international gauge following the highest quality and safety requirements.

OUR PASSION FOR OUR CLIENTS, the leading international infrastructure constructors, has led us to reach a level of competitiveness in which our commitment performing projects to deadline and high quality of constructions is our hallmark. Our engineering department provides rapid and decisive solutions which allow construction processes to improve. “Clients must not suffer from problems - they must choose between solutions”.

PARRÓS GROUP integrates different established activities with the aim of providing within unique facilities the technical and human resources necessary to cover all the client's needs in terms of VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL integration.

This obsession for the availability of means to serve the client led the company enter strongly through the iron and steel sector, constructing in the year 2001 a Hot-Dip Galvanizing and a Powder Coating Facilities of heavy tonnage, that allows us to have an iron and steel heavy finishing industry, and joined to the Iron and Steel Structure Workshop, we integrate the whole civil construction service process.

We have developed our specialization at the same time as we have diversified types of work by undertaking projects of various kinds: solar energy fields, the foundations of winds turbine towers, electrical substations, high and low voltage electricity, gas and water installations, optical fiber cabling, civil construction, housing developments, industrial buildings, and in general, all kind of UNIVERSAL SOLUTIONS for projects in which our civil construction experience and iron and steel facilities are combined to satisfy the turnkey projects demand of our clients.

This strategy of DIVERSIFIED SPECIALISATION is possible thanks to the coordination of a staff of more than 200 professionals, technicians and engineers who perform their work according to a clear slogan..." permanent professional and personal growth, innovation in solutions and training".

In short, nowadays PARRÓS forms a group of activities which let undertake great dimensions works in any geographical area with reliability, trustworthiness and professionalism using a wide range of our own machinery technology and facilities which consolidate our distinctive position in the civil construction and iron and steel sectors. © 2019 GRUPO PARROS ISO9001,ISO14001
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