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Quality and Environment

PARRÓS considers quality the instrument of management through which we plan and develop the activities. This way, we obtain the fulfillment of the legal requirements and the specifications of our products, at the same time we obtain the satisfaction of our clients, With the suitable protection of the environment and bearing in mind always the pollution prevention.

To obtain this, We thind fundamentally that the implantation and development of a System of the Quality and Environment Management that allows us to make products and to realize activities adapted to the sectorial and environmental regulations in effect other not legal requirements that the organization subscribes and to the needs and expectations of our clients, In agreement with the specifications established, guaranteed by means of an exhaustive control of the materials and of the process.

The System of Quality and Environment Management is based and promotes the systematic application of the constant improvement on all the performanced activities, the above mentioned improvement it continues as the need to plan thoroughly the activities to develop, to make it according to what has been decided, to check the results comparing them with the planned thing and to correct when it is necessary initiating again the cycle of the continuous improvement.

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