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Privacy Policy

The information of personal character that you entrust to us are very important for us, for this motive we want to inform how there treats Parrós Obras S.L. his personal information.

The personal information provided of which you hold, Authorized person or legal representative are incorporated into our database or file in format paper, Legalized and registered before the Spanish Agency of Protection of Information. In the moment to register this information, Parrós Obras S.L. is played the role responsible for the same ones and in consequence we apply all the means to our scope to treat them with the maximum confidentiality, to avoid his loss, misuse, alteration or not authorized access.

The purposes to which we destine his information apart from the regulation legal that concerns our activity, are the administrative labors and of management for the effective fulfillment and presentation of the products and requested services. Also we realize quality controls on the same ones in order to offer them at all time the best professional treatment. Likewise, to send information on products and services that Parrós Obras S.L. can offer and are of interest. The information that he entrusts to us has as addressees the technical and professional personnel of the entity.

Parrós Obras S.L. not sell, transfer or transmit in any manner information or personal data of its customers to third parties except to the communications provided by law to provide the requested services.

With the purpose of being able to offer the best service, Parrós Obras S.L. requires that the data provided will conform to reality, they are updated and if they are specified like indispensable, are completed. Of another form, Parrós Obras S.L. will not be able to give the service or the requested information.

The client / user authorizes the treatment of his personal information as well as his communication to external agencies or to professionals who give collaboration to Parrós Obras S.L. exclusively for the ends previously exposed.

For Resumes received, reporting that their treatment is intended to proceed to the selection of candidates for jobs in this company. The consequence of the obtaining of the personal communicated information will be the participation in the processes of selection carried out to cover the same jobs the company itself or in future selection processes of posts that fit the professional profile of the candidate, except that it expresses the wish that their information should not be preserved for this last purpose in whose case the company will proceed to cancel them in agreement with his request.

We him want to inform that he should wish it it can accede to the information that him concerns, may oppose it, correct it and if your desire to cancel it, all that in the terms that the in force legislation establishes as for protection of information of personal character.

Parrós Obras S.L. does not use cookies in the web site that they allow the obtaining of personal information without the assent of the client/user. The use of cookies in the web site has as purpose improve the use of the same one and the production of statistics of access. The cliente/user has if this way he wishes it, of control tools cookies in your browser to limit or prevent their installation on the hard disk.

If it wants to receive mas information about our politics of privacy it can do it across the direction of e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it © 2012 GRUPO PARROS ISO9001,ISO14001
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